Your home study is a very important first step to your adoption.  It helps all the people involved in the placement of your child understand who you are as a family, while also preparing you for a successful placement through adoptive education.

Carolina Adoption Services helps hundreds of families a year in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia with their home study services.  Many of those families continue on to adopt through one of our country programs. Others will adopt internationally or domestically through another agency, and we will partner with that agency to support each family throughout their adoption and post-adoption process.

This summer, a new federal law goes in to effect called the Universal Accreditation Act.  The UAA will affect many families who are considering or pursuing international adoption.  The UAA requires that all intercountry adoptions meet the regulations of Hague Convention cases, whether or not the adoption is taking place in a Hague Convention country.  Because Hague home studies have somewhat different requirements than previous non-Hague home studies, one of the biggest impacts for families may be related to their home study.  All adoption services must also be provided by an accredited provider, or supervised by an accredited provider.

Families who are adopting from a Hague country will typically already be in compliance with UAA.  Overall, the law is a positive thing for international adoptions because it provides uniform standards and accountability for all adoption cases – ensuring the best protections and safeguards for every child and family.

Carolina Adoption Services accredited by the Hague Convention and the Council on Accreditation- meeting the highest standards in the adoption industry.  These accreditations ensure we can provide your family with services that meet Hague and UAA requirements.

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Further information about Universal Accreditation can be found at the following links:

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