Written by: Angela Jackson, Director of Adoption Operations/Country Specialist

Waiting in the grocery store line, waiting in traffic, waiting at the doctor’s office.  We all have times of waiting.  For those waiting for a child to join their family, the wait can become difficult. What can you do during the wait?

It is important as you wait for your child to join your family that you continue to prepare for both the needs of your child and for how your family system will change when your child arrives.  Carolina Adoption Services comes along side of you during the wait to provide education and support.  We recommend that as you wait that you learn more about the child’s culture and have some ideas of how to incorporate your child’s culture into the family system.  It is also important if adopting a child from another country to make an effort during the wait to learn some of the child’s native language to assist with the transition into your home and learning English.  Preparing a life book of your family with photos of your family, home and special events that can be given to the child as he/she waits to join your family is also a good idea.  This will help your child become more familiar during the wait. Also, encourage your child to send pictures and share those important to them.  This will allow you to create connections honor those important to child once they come home.

Although the wait can be difficult at times, know that Carolina Adoption Services is here to walk with you each step of the journey.  Additional supports from an adoptive family support group or connections to another CAS adoptive family may ease the challenges during the waiting phase of the journey. Allow us to walk with you through the wait and celebrate the homecoming for your family!