Written By: Rebecca Smith, MSW International Coordinator

Carolina Adoption Services has been serving families and children since 1993 through the beauty of adoption. We have dedicated staff that have vast knowledge of the adoption process, in-depth understanding of international and domestic adoption laws, and clinical knowledge pertaining to trauma, attachment, and the family structure.

Due to the range of experience that each staff members brings to the team, we are able to collaborate effectively to ensure that our families are receiving expertise related to each stage of the adoption process. In addition to various education and experiences, our team members have traveled to the countries where we offer international adoption programs. This provides our staff with direct interactions with our Foreign Representatives in country and knowledge pertaining to accommodations and travel.

Our agency also upholds the standards set by The Hague convention, especially in relation to our interactions with our Foreign Representatives in each of our countries. Our International Team maintains constant contact with our Representatives to ensure that CAS can provide consistent and efficient communication with our families.

Domestically, Carolina Adoption Services walks with our birth mothers through their pregnancy and birth to ensure that they are receiving adequate health care, resources, and emotional support through this journey. CAS also has various staff with clinical expertise, including our Licensed Clinical Director, helping to provide families with support throughout the adoption process and upon arrival home. Children who are adopted, domestically or internationally, face many challenges due to initial feelings of rejection, difficulty forming secure attachments, and growing up in unstable environments.

Carolina Adoption Services strives to provide emotional and clinical support to our families to ensure that they have the resources and supportive structures to provide for their child’s specific needs. As an agency, our mission is to create opportunities for children to be loved and cared for in a safe environment. CAS is dedicated to providing children with forever families and ensuring that decisions are made in the best interest of the child.

If you are looking for an agency that will partner with you throughout your adoption process, through the excitement, the tears, the frustration, the dedication, the perseverance, the laughter, and the joy, then Carolina Adoption Services is the agency for you! Our educated, experienced, and passionate staff want nothing more than to bring more children home to their forever families!