As the Clinical Director of Carolina Adoption Services, I wanted to share how our team here at the agency recognizes the importance of adoptive parent training and consequently support our adoptive parents, staff, and social workers in the field in the pursuit of this clinical training.  At Carolina Adoption Services, we encourage learning about a variety of different topics in both international and domestic adoption.  Our team is well prepared to enhance your understanding of trauma, grief, loss, attachment, child development, special needs, cultural identity, trans-racial issues, sibling issues, feeding or sleep challenges, birth parent relationships, and older child adoption.

During your adoption journey with Carolina Adoption Services, we will provide you with training to meet the specifics of your state, country program, and home study. However, we will always go a step above, to ensure that you have the training specific to your family and your adoption.  More specifically, the Social Worker, who meets with you in your home to complete your home study visits will learn about you, your family, and your background, questions, and concerns.  Then, she, in conjunction with my insight, will be able to provide you with additional training resources, including classes, books, articles, community supports, and webinars, which are specifically targeted for your adoption.

For example, if you are adopting an older child or a sibling group, we would provide you with more resources and training around this topic.  The training will be ongoing throughout the home study process, waiting period and post-adoption phase, as it is critical to continue learning about the topics related to adopting and bonding with a child, but also to discover how our own childhoods and backgrounds impact parenting and attachment.  In closing, at Carolina Adoption Services, we are committed to providing high-quality training and to our mission of helping children find forever homes.

If you are looking for a wonderful training and to meet some of our CAS staff, please come out to the Empowered to Connect Conference on Friday, April 5thand Saturday, April 6th.  The conference will be held in Fairfax, Virginia; Cary, North Carolina; and Charleston, South Carolina.  The conference offers training for anyone who cares for a child who has experienced trauma or the loss of parental care. This simulcast serves as a great resource for adoptive and foster parents, counselors, social workers, therapists, teachers, and ministry volunteers who have relationships with kids from difficult beginnings. I hope to meet you in Charleston!

Deann Borkowski, Carolina & ABC Adoption Services Clinical Director