Written by Sara Nolette, CHOICES Coordinator

Your home study has just been approved….

the next step is to create your family book….
What should we say?  How do we do it?  What’s important?
First, please know our team is here to support you through the process.  As the CHOICES Coordinator, I will be talking with your family individually and answering any questions you may have.  Creating a Family Book is a fun, creative, and exciting step in the adoption journey.

Here are some general suggestions to consider as you think about your Family Book:
1. It is the first impression the expectant mother has of your family.  It is the only information she receives about your family (aside from a verbal description of your matching preferences).  Before you ever start working on your book, we suggest you sit down together and decide what three messages about your family are most important for you to convey through your book to the expectant mother.  Write these three messages down.  Then begin working on your book with these three messages in mind.  Remember, messages are often most powerfully conveyed through pictures, not just words.  Once you have your book completed, share it with some friends who know you but aren’t your closest friends and ask them what three messages they get from looking at your book.
2. The cover is SO important!  Many of our expectant mothers won’t even open a book if the cover does not appeal to them.  Think about color schemes.  Choose one large picture that you feel best illustrates your family.  The expectant mother is receiving a message from the cover of your book – what do you want it to “say”?
3. This is just my opinion, but less seems to be more.  Instead of a bunch of tiny pictures, choose your favorites that align with your three messages.  For the initial impression, pictures seem to be more important than words.  But as an expectant mother begins to narrow down her choices, the words become very important.
Other things to consider: we recommend that you use your first names only and omit your last name and the city/town where you live; this is your choice but our recommendation since your profile book may be shown to multiple expectant mothers, and we want to protect your privacy.  Be creative!  Let the personality of your family shine through your book!  Have fun!