Written by Angela Jackson, Director of Adoption Operations and Quality Assurance

Summer brings a time for family vacation and relaxation and a break from school.  However, for some children especially those who have experienced loss, trauma, and difficult places, the summer break can cause some anxiety and fear, as there is a change in an established routine.  Change, even something as great as summer break can be hard as routine and schedules bring children a sense of security and boundary. What can you do as a parent to help children with the summer break transitions?  Here are some ideas

  • Set new routines during the summer:  Even though summer break is more relaxed and less scheduled, it is still a good idea to be intentional about new routines and communicating before each new day any changes in the normal family schedule. This will help the child prepare for change as well as bring a sense of security in knowing what to expect the next day.
  • Build summer events into the schedule that children can count on such as going to the library every Monday or to the park every Tuesday, etc….
  • You know your kids strengths, challenges and what motivates them so plan events that make them feel successful.
  • Involve the children in making plans for the summer and even post a schedule of events/activities for them to look forward to on the refrigerator.