Written by: Rebecca Smith

The holiday season is filled with decorating the Christmas tree, the smell of sugar cookies, the hustle and bustle of last minute Christmas shopping, and most importantly time spend with family and friends. This time of year is overflowing with feelings of love, comfort, familiarity, and joy. Although, for our children that are in Foster Care or Institutionalized care, this time of year can be especially difficult. This season can be a reminder of loss, invoke feelings of abandonment, and can trigger feelings of trauma. During the Holidays, when you are decorating your Christmas tree or sharing what you are thankful for at the dinner table, remember that thousands of children are spending the Holidays in Foster Care. Find ways, in between the Christmas parties and Holiday parades, to remember our children in need of Forever Families!

If you are currently fostering or have adoptive children here are some helpful ideas and tips to include in your holiday traditions:

  1. Include some of their own holiday traditions, like familiar foods and activities.
  2. Have children create Christmas Cards for family members, even if they are not allowed to send them this process can be comforting.
  3. Ensure that you have extra gifts set aside for family gatherings in case family members do not remember to bring gifts for the children you are fostering.
  4. Arrange for your family members to meet them in advance to help family gatherings feel less overwhelming.

Are you currently reading this and you don’t have adopted or foster children in your home? Wanting to know other ways that you can help?!

  1. Contact your local Department of Social Services to request information about donating Christmas gifts or stockings for children in foster care.
  2. Find organizations like Foster Care to Success which is a non-profit organization that provides tutoring and assistance to former foster children who are pursing higher education. Through this program you can create care packages that are sent to former foster youth currently enrolled in college!
  3. Find a Foster Family or Adoptive Family during the Holidays and donate gifts, gift cards, and holiday meals to help alleviate some of the financial burden of this season!
  4. Become one of Carolina Adoption Services wonderful donors! We could not provide children with their forever families without the generosity of our donors!

If you are reading this post and feel like you want to become a forever family for one of our beautiful children, fill out our pre-application to become one of our incredible families that has chosen adoption! Find the greatest gift this Holiday season, the gift of family.