Hand Made Quilting Squares

In early 2016, Carolina Adoption Services began working with a group of dedicated quilters at the Twin Lakes Quilters Guild to create hand made quilting square for children who arrive home through Carolina Adoption Services.  Since then, our group of quilters has expanded, allowing us to create quilt squares for every child who arrives home from our agency! Each quilting square is a unique creation honoring each individual child and family. The quilting squares are beautiful family heirlooms created with love from a caring community to welcome a child home and support their forever family in their lifelong journey! It was a great celebration and the team from Carolina Adoption Services is thankful for the opportunity to see the smiles of children and their forever families. Thank you for being part of our CAS family.

In 2017 Carolina Adoption Services partnered with Burlington Carousel Quilters in creating quilt squares for the children who had come home within the year. Some of the quilts that were made were presented to families at the Welcome Home event in December 2017.