In this week’s blog, we will look at the purpose of a home study and answer the question of is a home study required?

The answer to the question of whether a home study is required or not for an adoption is yes!

For all types of adoption whether foster to adopt, domestic adoption, or international adoption, a home study or pre-placement assessments as they are sometimes referred to are required of all prospective adoptive parents. Most often in the foster to adopt system, the local Department of Social Services will conduct their own home study for families interested in adopting children in their care as they have required educational courses they require.  In private domestic or international adoption, a home study must be conducted by an agency licensed in the adoptive parents’ state of residence


What is the purpose of a home study?

-a major component of the home study is to educate and prepare the prospective family for adoption and to ensure that the adoptive family is capable and suitable to adopt.  During the process, the family will gather information and required documents that will help their social worker get to know them and be better able to assess the child whose needs their family is best suited to meet.

-The home study also provides training for parents to help them better understand the needs of children who need forever families as well as prepare them for adoption-related issues such as loss, grief, trauma bonding and adjustment issues that the child has experienced prior to coming to their family.


Coming next week:  Elements of the Home study Process