Written by Alexis Sullivan | Family Services Manager for International Adoption

Adoptive parents spend quite a bit of time preparing and educating themselves for the journey of adoption. It can be a long journey and having a strong support system can be extremely helpful!

However, sometimes our most supportive friends and family members may not fully understand how complex the journey is and will be. It’s important to introduce the topic of adoption and your family’s adoption in natural conversations so that it becomes a norm to discuss. If you are matched with a child, he/she is already a part of your family. Incorporate him/her into conversations and future event planning.

There are many ways that your loved ones can emotionally support your adoption process. Here are a few ideas:

1. Staying current on adoption-related events:

Adoption in the News

34% of would-be parents say they may have children sooner because of COVID-19
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A statement from the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities and the Council on Accreditation on potential merger
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A world away: Iron Range couple’s adoption plans put on hold as pandemic plays out
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Insights into post-adoption service programs for private
and intercountry adoptions (QIC•AG)
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Legal victory for Native communities in Washington state child welfare case
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New federal data: Fewer kids in US foster care system
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Senator Wicker decries “clear and consistent bias” against intercountry adoptions at U.S. State Department
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Supreme Court sets Nov. 4 to hear if Catholic agency can reject LGBTQ parents
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The right match: Former Ukrainian refugee finds fit placing more than 800 children with families
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USCIS extends flexibility for responding to agency requests
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2. Engaging your family members and support system through social media accounts is a good place to start with basic adoption appropriate language and references.

Birthparent/biological parent Real parent, natural parent
Birth child Own child, real child, natural child
My child Adopted child, own child
Person/Individual who was adopted Adopted child, own child
Born to unmarried parents Illegitimate
Make an adoption plan, choose adoption Give away, adopt out, give up, put up
To parent the baby/child To keep the baby
Child in need of a family Adoptable child/unwanted child
Parent Adoptive parent
Child who has special needs Handicapped child, hard to place
Was adopted Is adopted
Choosing an adoption plan Giving away your child
Finding a family to parent your child Putting your child up for adoption
Parenting the baby/child Keeping your baby
Confidential adoption Closed adoption
Unintended pregnancy Unwanted/problem pregnancy
Fully-disclosed adoption Open adoption
Semi-open adoption Open adoption


3. Invite your loved ones to listen to adoption-related podcasts as well as follow adoption social media accounts.


@theadoptionconnection : The Adoption Connection was created by two adoptive mothers who offer wisdom, hope, and resources through the journey of adoption. The Adoption Connection also offers a podcast. http://www.theadoptionconnection.com/

@whattheyreworth : What They’re worth offers a podcast that exposes the beauty and mess of foster care and adoption.

@adoptioncouncil : National Council For Adoption’s Instagram page shares all things happening with NCFA. This is a great resource for families to be engaged with the country’s largest adoption organization.

@adoptwell : AdoptWell is an educational community for all who are touched by adoption. They offer a podcast led by Macie Perreault and Amy Bagwell.


Remember that your program coordinator and agency are here for you throughout every step of this journey! Do not ever hesitate to reach out if you are having any trouble communicating with your support system. We are here to walk this road with you!