Scared?  Overwhelmed? Unsure?

You are not alone.  Please text or call us to talk about your choices.
All services are confidential and free of charge to expectant mothers.
Call or text our CHOICES Coordinator, Sara at  336-483-4081.

Dealing with an unplanned pregnancy can feel overwhelming but you don’t have to face it alone.  Our CHOICES Coordinator will talk with you about your choices, answer your questions, and help you get connected with resources as needed.  We strive to provide all of our expectant mothers with compassionate and non-judgmental support, so they can make the best choice for their lives and the lives of their babies.


Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. Will I get to choose the family for my baby?

YES!  At Carolina Adoption Services, we have loving families who are waiting for a baby.  Based on your wishes, the CHOICES Coordinator will present families to you who match your preferences.  You will get to read their Family Books with pictures and their stories.  If you wish, you will get to meet the family before the baby is born.


  1. How does Carolina Adoption Services screen adoptive families?

All of our adoptive families go through a rigorous screening process to ensure that they can provide a safe and loving home for a child. This screening process includes background checks, medical clearances, financial assessments, and multiples visits from our agency.  Families receive education before they are approved that teaches them all about what adoption looks like for all involved, including the child, the birth family, and the adoptive family. All of our families are fully committed to adoption!


  1. Will I get to see my baby after he or she is born?

At Carolina Adoption Services, we believe the expectant mother has a voice in the amount of contact she wants to have after the baby is born.  We seek to match you with a family who has similar desires so that everyone feels confident in their decision.

An open adoption is one in which the birth parent and adoptive family have some type of contact either before or after the adoption.  At Carolina Adoption Services, an open domestic adoption varies based on what works for both our adoptive parents and the wishes of the birth parent. This is not a one size fits all and the level of openness should be one that best matches the futures for both families. At our agency, around 75% of the adoptive families and birth families have selected some defined level of openness. For some families, this may be pictures only. For others, meetings are arranged and supervised by the agency staff, and there are some that later in the adoption orchestrate meetings independently of our agency. The key is to define what works best for the combination of families, and this will continually evolve over time. For some families the level of connectedness will increase; for others, birth families begin to feel assured of the care of their birth child and reduce their engagement. There is no correct formula for openness in adoption, however, our agency strongly supports open knowledge of the adoption and history of the birth family for the healthiest possible future for the child and journey of life with the adoptive parents.


  1. Other Questions?

Please text or call us at 336-483-4081.


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