Beautiful fall colors and delicious holiday food are some of the welcomed changes of this season.  This is a great time to honor family traditions of the past and begin some new family traditions and special memories.  When my sons were young, we would invite several of their friends and spend several days in the mountains.  They played games, hiked, rode bikes, had cookouts – but most of all made memories. Recently while dusting, I picked up a rock that one of my sons found on one of these adventures.  He painted the rock and gave it to me – and I treasure it.  This is so simple – it cost no money – just some time and truly connecting.  These are the moments that build a life of special memories.

One of the unique things about post-adoption reports is that they let our team and all of the authorities get a glimpse into the lives of our families and children.  It is like seeing a narration of the memories you are making as a family.

Currently, our challenge is some families have not complied with their post-adoption requirements. This creates great concerns from the oversight authorities. Our post-adoption families will be receiving a letter with the changes to our post-adoption procedure.  It is our hope that you will help us share a few of the memories in the journey of your family and support compliance with your post-adoption reports.  May you make great memories in this season of change – we look forward to reading all about it.

Phyllis K Stephenson