Carolina Adoption Services is happy to provide families in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia with post-adoption services and support throughout your period of supervision and beyond!

Once you have welcomed your child into your family, we are available to help you fulfill your reporting requirements, assist you with finalization or re-finalization, and help connect you with resources in your area.

Families currently in post-adoption with CAS can find instructions, resources, and report templates in the Family Toolkit: Family Log-In

Families who are interested in step- parent or relative adoptions can view this Step-Parent and Relative Information Page


Post-adoption services begin as soon as you arrive home and often continue for years after your child joins your family. This primarily involves helping your family remain compliant with your post-adoption requirements, but we are also available to provide support and resources for as long as you may need them.

A social worker will follow up with you at regular intervals to make sure that you are adjusting well. Often, if Carolina Adoption Services completed your home study, you will continue to work with the same social worker for your post-adoption services.  Later on, into your placement, some countries will permit reports to be done by your family and do not require that a social worker visit.

Your post-adoption schedule will vary depending on your placing agency and the state or country of your child’s birth. If CAS completed your home study, make sure to let us know when you arrive home to get everything set up for post-adoption!

You can also call us at 800-632-9312 for information about Post-Adoption.

Finalization and Re-Finalization

Finalization is the process of documenting your child’s adoption in your state of residence.  Carolina Adoption Services recommends that all families who have adopted internationally also finalize the adoption in their state of residence.

Carolina Adoption Services can assist families living in NC or VA with finalization or re-finalization, regardless of how long ago you adopted.  Contact Anna Hull if you have any questions about this service.

Finalization Information Sheet 

Post-Adoption Terms:

Post-Adoption: A period of time after an international adoption has been finalized in a foreign country and the adoptive family is still providing reports to that country.  Often used interchangeably with “post-placement.”

Post-Placement: A period of time after the child has been placed with the adoptive parents until the adoption has been finalized in a U.S. court. Refers specifically to domestic adoptions or international adoptions where the child came home under a guardianship (ex: Uganda).  Often used interchangeably with “post-adoption.”

Country Report: A report required by your country; it is especially important that all country reports be done properly and on time to remain accountable to and compliant with your child’s country of origin.

Finalization: When a domestic adoption or international guardianship case is completed in a U.S. court.

Re-Finalization: When an international adoption has been finalized in a foreign country, but the adoptive parents choose to “re-adopt” the child in their local court in the U.S. This can be done to provide a state issued birth certificate, a name change for the child, and ensure the inheritance rights of the child.  Also called re-adoption or validation.

Apply for Post-Adoption Services

Families already working with CAS for a home study and/or placement do not need to apply separately for post-adoption services.  If you have recently moved to our area post-placement and would like assistance with finalization/re-finalization or have questions, please contact us!  You can apply for Post-Adoption Only services on our website.