Carolina Adoption Services has seen many families employ fun and creative strategies to cover adoption costs.

Direct fundraising is often very effective. Asking for donations, hosting a fundraising event at your home or church, or selling a product or service to raise funds brings a larger community into your efforts to cover adoption costs. Some families in the past have: hosted events such as vendor fairs with an adoption theme, themed fundraising dinners, spa days for women, bake sales, raffles, and garage sales. Don’t be afraid to simply ask family and friends for help.

Families have the option of setting up online donation sites like PayPal or GoFundMe accounts to accept credit card gifts.

Soliciting discounts from businesses in order to cover adoption costs is another way to meet your budget. These discounts can cover anything from children’s furniture to travel. Even companies that don’t regularly offer adoption discounts may want to contribute to your cause.

Remember to talk about your adoption plans with whomever you feel comfortable. You never know where the next creative idea will come from to help finance your adoption!