Families can research zero- or low-interest rate adoption loans through:

  • banks and credit unions
  • adoption agencies
  • non-profit organizations
  • foundations with a mission to support adoption

Carolina Adoption Services has seen many families use the money realized through their federal adoption tax credit to pay back their adoption loan.

References for adoption loans:

A Child Waits Foundation

  • Provides low interest loans for adoptive families.
  • This organization also offers adoption grants.

National Adoption Foundation

  • Loans offered in partnership with Prosper.com.
  • Interest rates vary depending on credit history, loan term, and other factors.
  • This organization also offers grants.

Oxford Adoption Foundation

  • Oxford offers zero-interest or low-interest loans for international adoptions, based upon financial need.
  • A home study is required.
  • Adoptive parents should try to obtain funds from all other sources before contacting Oxford, as they lend only the final amount of money necessary to complete the adoption where all other financial resources have been exhausted.
  • The loan is not funded until after the adoption is finalized by the authorities in the country.

Pathways for Little Feet

  • This organization offers interest free loans to families approaching the end of the adoption process.
  • Eligibility based in part on financial need.
  • One of the four required references must be from a religious leader.

The Abba Fund

  • Offers interest-free loans with no income requirement for applicants.
  • Completed home study required.
  • Applicants must be a married, Christian couple.

America’s Christian Credit Union

  • Adoption loans and home equity adoption loans available.
  • Statement of Christian faith required for credit union membership.