You might say that adopting our son Daniel from South Korea was a natural step for us. My wife Mihae was born there and speaks fluent Korean. And I have traveled widely in the country as a military officer during the past 15 years. When we began considering international adoption, we knew South Korea was the right choice for us!

We submitted our dossier in March 2013 and received our match information about Daniel approximately 10 months later. Then, we made two trips to Seoul over a three-month period in early 2014. Daniel was 22 months old when he came home to Virginia in March last year.

At first, he was a bit unsteady on his feet and had to undergo physical therapy, but is thriving now and has grown four inches since last year. He is still somewhat delayed in speech, but we’ve had a fantastic speech therapist, who has helped with both sign language and speaking. Daniel is bilingual and his comprehension is about equal in both Korean and English. As a dad, I am becoming fluent in two-year-old Korean!

We were very impressed with the level of care that Daniel received in South Korea. We were able to meet the foster family who cared for him from the time he was six months old until he came home at 22 months old. They are lovely people and I still keep in touch with them on Facebook and via email to update them on Daniel’s progress.

We have had a very positive experience with Carolina Adoption Services and have recommended the agency to others. CAS and the state of Virginia offer a comprehensive online training program for adoptive parents. We learned a lot in that training. If you’re considering international adoption, we can say that the process is both more challenging AND more rewarding than you might think, but the result – that child who snuggles up to you for a story each night and lights up when he sees you – is totally worth it!

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