Written By: Phyllis Stephenson | Executive Director

As we are a few weeks into the New Year, many of us are setting goals and have future dreams that we envision for our family.  Although we are restrained in some activities by COVID-19, our families, goals, and dreams remain real and present!

This week our country inaugurated its 46th President, which brings changes not only for the United States but globally.  As we set new goals, even if they are small such as having a family dinner together more often or starting a family activity night, it is important to remember that “The journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step”.

I encourage each of you to have a dream for your family and take a step each day to move it closer to a new reality.  Whether your vision is to grow your family through adoption or spend an hour a week with someone you care for to refill their tank, the only way our dreams become a reality is by taking a step.

I challenge you to take that first step together. To plan and grow relationships in our families.  Over the next month, set aside an hour each week to spend one-on-one with a family member.  Whether in person, virtually, writing a letter, or chatting on the phone, take this time to close off distractions and focus on your relationship with that family member.  It is amazing what you learn about one another when you are truly connected and squeezing one another in between activities and daily routine.  Invest in one another and watch the relationships in your family grow.  Being together is a time to grow deeper roots in our family relationships.

Here’s to 2021 – may it be a year with many dreams becoming realities and new joyful memories created!  Slow down, grow some roots and watch how they bloom during the year ahead!