We have two stories to bring you in this post, those of Dayton and K.K.

Their information was shared with us by orphanage directors at two of the baby homes we partner with in Uganda. As they seek help in improving circumstances for these two children, we are highlighting their needs in a special Orphan Care Spotlight!


Dayton has resided at Peace Transitional Home for two years. He is now six years old, and it is time for him to enroll in school. The orphanage is seeking sponsors to fund expenses for Dayton’s tuition, uniform, and school supplies. Outside help is often a necessity for sending children to school, since tuition is required at all institutions and there are often many school-aged children in need of education at the orphanage.

Our Director of Programs, Allie Smith, recently visited Dayton on a trip to Uganda. She found him to be very sweet and loving. The orphanage director says that Dayton enjoys taking care of the younger children and acts like a big brother to them.

In the time since Dayton was taken in to care at Peace Transitional, his background file has been completed and the social worker on his case has determined that adoption is in his best interest. We are advocating for Dayton on our Waiting Child Photolisting. If an adoptive family is identified for Dayton, then any additional donations given for his tuition costs can be allocated to other children at the orphanage.

The cost for Dayton’s tuition, uniform, and school supplies is estimated at $500.00. Please consider donating as a partial sponsor or making monthly payments in lieu of a one-time gift!


The director of Agape Babies Home received the call this week to assume custody of K.K., a toddler found with significant burn wounds. Many children require some level of medical or nutritional care as they enter an orphanage, but K.K.’s case stands out as one of the more urgent medical needs seen at this baby home. K.K. will need prescription medicine to help heal her tender, injured skin, and over-the-counter children’s pain relievers to ease her discomfort. She will likely need to see the doctor several times as her healing continues. The director says that K.K. is starting to feel more comfortable in her new environment.

The orphanage has common medications on-hand, but is asking for help to cover the costs of prescription medicine, sterile bandages, and stock supplies of over-the-counter medications such as children’s Tylenol, Benadryl, and Ibuprofen.

To donate on behalf of Dayton or K.K., visit our online donation page and write either name in the Gift Details box. You can also call us with your gift: 1-800-632-9312.