New Year, New Dreams
Written by: Phyllis Stephenson | Executive Director

As you prepare for 2020 and reflect on a closing year, it is a great time to check in on the hopes and dreams of each family member. Many times in our roles as responsible parents, we begin planning the future and we miss giving voice to each family member. As this year comes to a close plan some time as a family to share not only what you are thankful for in 2019, but the hopes and dreams for 2020.

You may want to have a game where each family member shares two wishes for the new year, one for themselves and one for the family. Collect these and read them aloud. See if you can match the wishes to the wish sender.

It is our hope that this time together as a family will open new doors for hopes and dreams to come true.

A new year’s gift to the family could be to provide journals to your children so they can capture the memories of 2020 to reflect back on through the years to come.

Wishing you a great 2020,

Your family at Carolina and ABC Adoption Services