Meet our CAS Staff

Angela Jackson

Angela Jackson

Director of Social Services
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Contact me with questions regarding home study services.
With CAS since September 2005
What drew me to CAS was the opportunity to work with families on a personal basis as they sought to build their family.  Having worked in various social service organizations, I was drawn to the opportunity to affect the lives of vulnerable children and make a difference in the world. What I like most about working at CAS is working with families to prepare them for adoption and seeing the positive results of the children as they are placed with their forever families. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time volunteering at my church and singing in the choir.

Contact Angela: 336.275.9660 ext.141

Allie Smith

Director of Programs
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Contact me with questions regarding Armenia, China, and Uganda.
With CAS since October 2006
My journey with CAS began when I requested to be paired with CAS for an internship. I have always had an interest in international affairs and serving children in need and found CAS to be the perfect fit. I am privileged to work daily with our overseas partners and client families knowing that I am part of a unique journey of growing families. I find it a true honor to be part of pairing a child to their forever family and then calling the family to introduce them to their new child. I also greatly enjoy traveling to the countries where I work, it enables me to further develop our partnerships, visit with the children, and to experience first-hand the incredible culture. I have many years of experience in assisting families with the necessary steps and preparations to complete their adoptions. I have also started several new country programs at CAS and enjoy creating new opportunities for families.
In my free time I enjoy spending time with my husband and family at the lake or beach.

Contact Allie: 336.275.9660 ext.122

Tania Griasnow

Tania Griasnow

Bulgaria and South Korea Program Coordinator
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With CAS since February 1998
Having been brought up in an Eastern European family and knowing several Eastern European languages as well understanding the culture, provided me with the opportunity to establish sound relationships with our overseas partners in Eastern Europe. Working in the field of international adoption is very rewarding and gratifying, because I feel I’m helping to make the world a better place by uniting children with their forever families. I also enjoy cooking, reading, watching old movie classics and spending time with my children and grandchildren.

Contact Tania: 336.275.9660 ext.132

Anna Hull

Anna Hull

Haiti Program Coordinator
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With CAS since December 2014
I got into adoption because, as an adoptee, I know the lifelong impact that adoption has on your life and recognize the importance of having others in your life who have had similar experiences. What I love most about working at CAS is getting to see children flourish in their new homes and providing opportunities and resources for families to remain connected to the adoption community after coming home. Contact me to learn more about the adoptee experience and ask questions about Haiti adoption.

Contact Anna: 336-275-9660 ext. 131

Heather Gordon

Social Work Coordinator for ABC/VA
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With CAS since June 2006
Adoption seems to have been part of my life since I can remember, with friends and family who are or have adopted. Adoption is also a social justice issue for me and a cause I feel passionately about. I like being part of a movement that brings about positive change in people’s lives. I enjoy helping families through the home study process and getting that first round of paperwork complete!  Contact me with any questions you have about the home study and I am happy to help!

Outside of work, I enjoy dancing, reading, baking, and spending time with my husband and two cats.

Contact Heather: 336-275-9660 ext.144

Ethanie Good

Ethanie Good

Communications & Development Coordinator
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With CAS since October 2012
I enjoy blending my experience in communications and broadcasting with my passion for working in public service, especially for causes benefiting children and families. When I’m not advocating for our mission at CAS, I enjoy volunteering with the Junior League of Winston-Salem. One of the things I love about working at CAS is that I can be a part of an organization that has ties globally, and impact locally. I also like meeting with new families considering adoption-contact me if you would like to talk!

Contact Ethanie: 336.275.9660 x124

Gwen Barnes

Gwen Barnes

Accounting Assistant
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With CAS Since November 2012
I have been in finance and accounting my entire career, but this was my first opportunity to work with a nonprofit organization. I love the variety and the challenge of the daily job flow. I am happy to help families learn about grants and fundraising for their adoptions. I also enjoy working with our donors for our charitable initiatives. I am always available by telephone or email to answer any questions or concerns our adopting families and supporters may have. I enjoy reading, college basketball, NFL football, and dancing to beach music in my free time.

Contact Gwen: 336-275-9660 ext.123

Julie Curry

Post-Adoption Coordinator
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With CAS since: December 2015
I was drawn to work in adoption both personally and professionally. The staff at CAS are committed to providing families with support and knowledge in the adoption processes. And because my family grew through international adoption, I understand the families’ perspective. I can’t imagine my family without my niece and nephew! My favorite aspect of my job is assisting families through the adoption journey and their transition home. I strive to stay current with all the requirements and paperwork so I can take a complex process and make it as simple as possible for families.

Contact Julie: 336-275-9660 ext. 142

Mary Ellen Shores

Administrative Support Coordinator
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With CAS since: August 2016
Transitioning from teaching preschool into the office of a nonprofit organization that handles adoptions offers me the opportunity to love children in a new way. I am excited to be part of a process that profoundly changes lives. As a writer, I am happy to extend my editing abilities in processing necessary documents. The documentation itself appeals to my appreciation for the required exactness gained from working in law offices. In my spare time, I create fiber art—most notably, “the bed bunny”—to sell at the Greensboro Farmer’s Curb Market on Saturday mornings and at their arts and crafts shows. I also write a blog.

Contact Mary Ellen: 336-275-9660 ext. 127