Written by: Phyllis Stephenson | Executive Director

As we begin 2020 many of us make resolutions to do or be better in some way.

The reality of life catches us with us over the days, and many times we look back and only see the things we have not done or those that were not done well.  I challenge each of you in this New Year to be intentional about seeing the good and recalling the JOY.

Many times during the business of caring for children, doing laundry, buying groceries, working a job, driving carpool and the endless list of events and tasks that take up our daily life we miss cherishing the moments of JOY.

I encourage each of you to create a family JOY jar. Label it and give papers to every family member.  Ask each family member to write down at least one moment, event or occurrence that brought them JOY during the week.  Then establish a family time to open the jar and read Joy moments from the week.  This brings a couple of benefits to the family.  It establishes a special family time to connect around something positive and it gives a second life to the JOY moments from the week.

So this year make a new resolution, celebrate the moments of JOY as a family – if will make the JOurneY a little brighter.  May you have a wonderful 2020, make some great memories and have lots of JOY!  Please know our team at CAS ABC welcomes your pictures and stories of JOY and celebration.  Thank you for being part of our family!