Joy in the Journey

  • The Heart of the Blue Jeans and Pearls Gala

Our CAS ABC family is excited about the “Blue Jeans and Pearls Gala on October 28, 2017.  We are so honored to have amazing sponsors, donors and auction items.  We have been amazed by the generosity of our community, family, friends and businesses.  They have provided numerous donations including:  a week at a home in Tuscany, lovely pearl ear rings and financial sponsorships. Our website highlights a vast array of generous gifts.  This has been a truly amazing and wonderful experience because every donor has been touched by the heart of “Blue Jean and Pearls Gala”.

The heart of this gala, and the driver for our work, is the reality that there are children living each day, without a forever family.  Dedication to the mission of our agency unites us as staff, families and community in our work and opens our hearts to such amazing generosity.  As long as there is a child needing a family, it is our mission to find the family incomplete without that child. Our work to connect children and families includes all ages, races, diagnosis and special needs.  Each of us, in our uniqueness, have a commonality; we were born to belong and be part of a family and a caring community. Our work to provide this for children has resonated throughout our community and provided generous support for this gala.  The gala without this message, this mission, would be a nice evening, but the gala with this message and mission, is life changing action.  This event is the opportunity for each individual to contribute to connecting a child to a forever family.

Our work family at CAS / ABC is privileged to partner with families, agencies and the local and global communities to “bring children home”.  This first annual “Blue Jeans and Pearls” gala will truly celebrate the beauty of adoption!  It is an evening for us, collectively, to share that belonging, to a family and community is a common value across demographics. Together we can bring more children home!    Please accept the sincere thanks from our team for your support! Your contribution has provided great joy in the journey.  Your support helps us bring one more child home and that is truly the heart of our agency and this gala.

Please accept this as my personal invitation for you to join us at the “Blue Jeans and Pearls” gala.  Without you something will be missing as we celebrate the road we have traveled and prepare to “change the world one, child, and one family at a time” as we move forward.  I hope to have the opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for your support at the gala.  Together we are changing the world through the beauty of adoption.  Thank you for joining us in our work as a collaborator, adopting family, volunteer, donor or sponsor.  You are making a difference in the life of a child and supporting the heart of the gala.  We are honored and privileged to connect with each of you – thank you for adding JOY to our JOurneY!