Moldova Adoption Overview

Moldova Program Sheet

Program Updates


International Coordinator: Alexis Sullivan

Children Available: Available children are 2 years and older with special needs. Older children and sibling groups who are considered healthy are also available for adoption.

Parent Requirements: Parents must be at least 25 years old. The age difference between an adoptive parent and child must be at least 18 years, but can be no more than 48 years. Couples married for at least 3 years, as well as single women, are eligible to adopt.

Travel Requirements: Two trips to Moldova: the first trip is 6 weeks; the second trip is 3 weeks. There will be 1-3 months between trips.

Adoption Timeline:

  1. Dossier to referral: 2-9+ months

  2. Referral to first trip: 2-4 months

Moldova Program Highlights

  • Carolina Adoption services has a long history of partnership with the country of Moldova.
  • Once your dossier is submitted, adoptions may be completed in one year- especially for waiting children.
  • There are opportunities for bonding visits during your in-country travel