The Mexico program is not accepting new applicants at this time.

Mexico Adoption

Program Coordinator: Angela Jackson

Mexico Adoption Parent Requirements: Eligible parents are 25 to 60 years old and married or single. Parents must be at least 25 years older than the child they are adopting.

Typical Mexico Adoption Timeline: Timelines for a referral remain flexible. The adoption trip includes a one month foster period, and may last approximately three months.  There may be flexibility for one parent at a time to return home as-needed, in between the foster period and court dates.

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Federal Considerations: How Mexico Oversees International Adoption

The central authority for Mexico adoptions is comprised of two federal entities: the Secretary of Exterior Relations (SRE), which issues key Hague documents, and the National System for the Full Development of the Family (DIF), which implements national policy for intercountry adoptions.  These offices play an important role in intercountry adoptions.  Dossiers are sent to SRE and National DIF for approval before they are given to the DIF office in the Mexican state where the child resides.

Mexico Adoption Process

Once an adoptive family’s dossier has been approved at the national and state level, the family is eligible for a referral.

When a family accepts a referral, they must travel to begin a one-month bonding period.  Following the bonding period, the adoption case proceeds through court.  The time in-country may last approximately three months.  Families will attend court, then travel to Mexico City for Hague documents from the SRE and then on to the US Embassy in Juarez to receive the child’s US Visa.