Our staff works with you to select the right country for your needs.  Carolina Adoption Services has international adoption programs in: Armenia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Haiti, China, South Korea, Uganda, and Ghana. We encourage prospective parents to think about about a few questions as you get started considering international adoption:
  1. What age range of child(ren) are you considering adopting?
  2. Do you have a preference for a certain country or cultural background?
  3. Are you comfortable parenting a child with known medical needs?
  4. What is your time frame for adoption?
  5. How much time can you spend in the country of your chosen adoption program?

Sign up to receive our Information Packet.  This packet contains plenty of materials to help you learn more about Carolina Adoption Services and the countries where we work.  This is a great starting point to introduce you to your new journey!  We also encourage all families to schedule a consultation with us by phone or in person to discuss your individual hopes, expectations, and needs.  The staff at Carolina Adoption Services are always available to assist you. Please contact us with your questions to to schedule a time to talk about the adoption process.