Carolina Adoption Services has a domestic infant adoption program, called CHOICES, offered currently to families living in North Carolina!

At this time, the CHOICES program is currently full for adoptive families.  A family interested in our CHOICES program may apply to complete a domestic home study.  Upon completion of an approved Home Study, a family may request to join the CHOICES program Waiting List.
All Expectant Families and Birth Families considering adoption, please contact the CHOICES program by calling or texting 336-483-4081

This unique program has several features that separate it from other domestic infant programs:

  • We are committed to making each adoption experience completely individual based on the preferences, wishes, and needs of each adoptive family and birth family.  We have policies and procedures in place to ensure that each adoption path is guided by legal and ethical principles, but we know that “not one size fits all” when it comes to adoption, so we will customize services to each individual experience.
  • Our program will be small, no more than 25 adoptive families will be waiting at any one time.  We feel this will prevent any one adoptive family from waiting too long, while also allowing each potential birth mother some variety from which to choose the right family for her child.
  • Our adoptions will all be local, with women giving birth in North Carolina.  This local aspect makes our program not only more personal, but also less expensive as we will do our outreach to birth hospitals, OB/GYN clinics, pregnancy centers and other places personally, with very little money spent on flashy advertising.  It will cut down on families’ expenses as well, as extensive travel is taken out of the picture.
  • Most importantly, our matching will also be a personal experience.  Each waiting adoptive family will make a photo scrapbook portfolio, rather than an online profile.  Our staff will get to know each adoptive family and also each expecting mother who comes to us for help, and we will be able to present several families to each potential birth mother based not only on their stated preferences but also our many years of experience in adoption to help make the best match for each baby.

We believe adoption is a life-long journey, and we are committed to advocating for the best experience for each member of the adoption triad:  the adoptive family, the birth family and the adopted child.

Contact us at 336-275-9660  to get more information or apply today!

Apply Now   applications are for the CHOICES Waiting List