The country of Haiti is now officially a Hague Convention partner as of April 1st.  After months of careful preparation and planning between partners in the Haitian and US Governments, Haiti has made a relatively smooth transition to the Hague, happily with no disruption to families in the adoption process!  Haiti has become the first country to transition to the Hague convention without a temporary suspension of adoptions- a major achievement which is being celebrated by all in the adoption community!

As one of Haiti’s accredited adoption service providers, Carolina Adoption Services has been closely following the Hague implementation, and we continue to actively participate in the ongoing transition.  We are working closely with our partner orphanage, Maison des Anges, the Haitian adoption authority IBESR, and the US State Department to monitor new transition rules and to keep our families up-to-date.

We are offering a special information session covering Haiti’s transition to the Hague on Wednesday, May 7th at Noon EST.  Haiti program coordinator Allie Hamel will host a webinar covering what is known about transition cases and new adoptions for all families with an interest in adopting from Haiti.  Register Now.

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