…And make a difference in a child’s life today!
Carolina Adoption Services announces our annual appeal to help fund humanitarian aid, adoption scholarships, and support for adoptive families. The Gift of Tomorrow campaign supports our work in orphanages around the world. It also represents our promise to continue to do our best to ensure a brighter tomorrow for all children.
This year, Carolina Adoption Services has helped more than 150 families pursue international adoption. We have provided children with basic necessities and a caring, safe environment through orphanage sponsorships and humanitarian aid assistance in our program countries.
Our goals for the upcoming year are even greater. Initiatives are underway to increase scholarships for families adopting older and waiting children, provide sustained support for orphanages in Haiti and Uganda, and broaden our post-adoptive support programs. With your help, our goals for 2013 can be reached!
Look for your Gift of Tomorrow mailer or donate now.
Thank you so much for helping us create hope this holiday season!