Have you ever wanted to give back but didn’t know how? Rosie is an inspiring 14-year-old with a huge heart for helping others. Every summer, Rosie chooses a different organization to promote and fundraise for. This year, Rosie chose Carolina Adoption Services because it holds a special place in her heart- Rosie’s older brother was adopted from Russia through CAS almost 15 years ago! When Rosie and her mom, Susie, contacted me about the different country programs we had, one in particular stuck out to Rosie because of another special connection. Rosie had a dear friend, Yao, whom she says was “like another grandfather to her”. Yao passed away in March 2018 and Rosie thought this could be the perfect opportunity to do something in his honor. Yao was originally from Ghana, and when I told Susie and Rosie about our program in Ghana, they immediately knew that Ghana was where their hearts were being called.

Rosie took this opportunity to brainstorm different fundraising ideas. She came up with the idea of hosting a tennis tournament at a local tennis club in North Carolina. With her creative name of the event, “Ghana Play Tennis,” a play on words, she was able to attract family, friends, and colleagues of her parents to come play in a tennis tournament on a Sunday afternoon. For the event, Rosie visited local businesses to receive donated items for a raffle of all those who participated. Some of the items included, t-shirts, books, notepads, pieces of art, and even a Ghanaian tribal mask!

The event was a huge success and Rosie raised over $1,200 for our Ghana program! With a trip to Ghana planned and booked for our international team here at CAS, Rosie presented the check to CAS, yesterday at our office in Greensboro. These funds will help us to purchase items and food for children in orphanages. The CAS team is headed to Ghana in April and we are so eager to see the impact Rosie helped make on the health and well-being of the children in Ghana. CAS thanks you, Rosie, for being a light to others to make a difference in the world!