CAS partners with a premier adoption learning program, Heart of the Matter, to bring you pre-adoptive education courses.  These courses will help you learn about your child’s life before entering your family, and about the adoption journey you are beginning.  These courses are designed to help you meet home study requirements for adoptive education.

Education prepares families for success before and after your adoption!

  • Pre-adoption education provided by CAS partner Heart of the Matter Seminars
  • The Because They Waited parent education system has been customized for CAS families and will provide the required 10 hours of education.
  • All families seeking placement through CAS must complete the Because They Waited education program.
  • Families working with another placement agency are welcome to use Because They Waited if education is not provided by placing agency.
  • Because They Waited is a Hague compliant program
The Importance of Education

While 10 hours of pre-adoption education is the minimum requirement (12 hours for China), we strongly urge families to continue their education while they are waiting for placement of their child. You may continue your education by accessing additional Heart of the Matter courses, seminars and cultural events in your community, and discussions with other adoptive families and adoption support groups. If you have questions or need ideas to continue your education, talk to your Homestudy worker or Program Coordinator.

Classes Begin Here

Start your education today by clicking on the Heart of the Matter link below. This link will take you to the customized CAS learning modules, provided to you at a discount. If you are a CAS family and have not received your education instructions please contact your home study coordinator or your program coordinator.

Click to begin:

Heart of the Matter

Don’t Forget!

Families will need to submit copies of their Heart of the Matter Certificates of Completion to CAS. Please note that 10 hours must be verified prior to completion of the home study. In addition, families should track any additional education activities completed and submit verification to their Program Coordinator prior to referral of the child.  If your home study is being provided by another agency, you may either complete the appropriate CAS Heart of the Matter course, or complete education offered by your home study agency.