What You Need to Know

On February 1, the Department of State and IAAME, the new accrediting agency for all US Adoption Agencies, announced their New Fee Schedule to go into effect February 15. Moving forward, all US agencies must be accredited by IAAME to work in adoptions.

Included in this fee schedule is a new $500 non-refundable monitoring and oversight fee that is charged per child and is due at the beginning of a family’s adoption process.

Why This Is Important

  1. This increases the costs for an already expensive process, especially for families seeking to adopt siblings. Increased fees put further hardships on families and agencies. International adoptions have fallen by 80% in the past decade and can be expected to be reduced further if fees continue to rise.
  2. This new fee is just the beginning. Despite what the memo asserts, early calculations of the IAAME fee schedule are showing that many agencies can expect at minimum to see at least a 300% overall increase in accreditation fees per four year period, equaling tens of thousands of dollars to some agencies.
  3. Agencies will be expected to working with IAAME beginning February 15, despite the fact that no policies and procedures have been finalized and made available to the public.

How You Can Help

Don’t go quietly. These new fees will place a significant burden on adoptive families and agencies. Communication with the Department of State and IAAME has shown intentions to move forward with this new fee schedule despite incomplete and inaccurate information. The adoption community is a powerful one – when we choose to use our voices. We have affected change before and can do it again, but we can’t do it alone. Your voice matters.

On February 13 from 12:00-1:00, we will be hosting a personal call-in opportunity for families and friends of CAS/ABC to provide opportunities to ask questions and to find out how you can support and advocate for adoption locally and worldwide. Sign up for the call here. We look forward to speaking with you!

Please know that Carolina and ABC Adoption Services is continually working to support our families to bring children home.

Joining you in advocacy,
The CAS/ABC Team