Carolina Adoption Services is committed to helping you grow your family through a wide range of adoption services for both domestic and international adoptions. Since we opened in 1993, we have assisted families in our states of licensure (North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia) with domestic adoptions through the home study and post-adoption processes.

CAS can help you prepare for your domestic adoption by providing guidance on adoption education, obtaining background checks and clearances to meet Interstate Compact and FBI requirements, and matching you with a nearby social worker to complete home visits and prepare your home study report.

When your child comes home, CAS is there to support your family through the post-adoption transition and beyond. As your local service provider, we are committed to being your first resource for family support and education services. We have built a community of thousands of adoptive families in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia over the past 24 years which form a network of support in adoptive parenting. CAS offers local opportunities for families to gather and for parents to explore topics relating to raising adopted children.

In 2017, Carolina Adoption Services is working to expand our service array to include a comprehensive training program to prepare parents to adopt, domestic services including birthmother counseling and support, embryo adoption services, and Waiting Child/Special Needs adoptions in North Carolina. Our post-adoption expansions include more family-to-family support networking, a mentoring program, and increased childhood development education. In addition, we’re striving to properly honor your family’s happiest moment with individual keepsakes and increased fanfare to celebrate your arrival home as a family!

To learn more about our services, contact us today or set up an appointment for a family consultation to discuss your options.