Written by Angela Jackson, Director of Adoption Operations and Quality Assurance
It is important to keep the lines of communication open regarding adoption and talk with your child about adoption.  Here are some ideas to keep the lines of communication open with your child.

  1. Talk to your child about adoption from the very beginning.  This lets your child know that it is ok to talk about adoption. As they grow and develop an understanding of their adoption, they will feel comfortable talking about it, if you have made it a normal part of your life and conversation.
  2. Read positive adoption stories to your child as they grow. Develop a library of positive adoption books and take time to read to your child.
  3. Use positive adoption language with your child and others. Words are powerful and can either hurt or heal.  The words you choose to use with them and others will affect how your child feels about himself.  Instead of using “real”parent use the term “birthparent”.  Instead of saying “your parents gave you up” say “your birth parents made an adoption plan for you”.
  4. Speak kindly about the child’s birth parents. The child’s birth parents are an integral part of their family tree and history.  Speaking kindly about the birth parents regardless of the situation fosters strong trust, honor, and respect for the birth family and assists the child with their own sense of identity.
  5. Continue to talk about adoption even if it appears your child is not listening because they are!