Located in the beautiful Bessarabia region in Eastern Europe, the Republic of Moldova is a small country about the size of Maryland. Wedged between Ukraine and Romania, its capital is Chişinău (pronounced KEE-she-now), which is located in the central part of the country. Moldovans speak a mixture of Russian and Moldovan (Romanian) and share many cultural traditions and characteristics with Romania. Moldova is known for its countryside and wine, though they have a rapidly growing service industry. Folk traditions, such as weaving and ceramics, are widely practiced in rural areas. 98% of the Moldovan population is affiliated with the Orthodox Christian Church. In 2000, Carolina Adoption Services began a Moldova Student Sponsorship that supports young adults in Moldova who have been orphaned and are facing a future without the support of a family.

Carolina Adoptions Services has recently re-launched our Moldovan adoption program, which we first began in 2003!  Children waiting to be adopted from Moldova are two years and older with special needs. Healthy sibling groups and older children are also in need of forever families. Contact Lianna Mills, Moldova Country Coordinator, for more information today!


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