Currently, there are approximately 400 children in Moldova waiting to be adopted. The types of children waiting to be adopted from Moldova vary greatly, just as every child has a unique story to tell. Some Moldovan children are Caucasian with fair complexions, while other children inherited olive skin from their Roma/Gypsy heritage.

Generally, children waiting to be adopted are at least 2 years and older with special needs, as well as healthy older children and sibling groups. Some of the common special needs we see include learning delays, hydrocephalus, Down syndrome, and AIDS.

In Moldovan orphanages, there are many healthy older sibling groups in need of forever families! Bringing a sibling group home provides them with an additional, familiar support system to call on during their transition period.


Carolina Adoptions Services has recently re-launched our Moldovan adoption program, which we first began in 2003!  Children waiting to be adopted from Moldova are two years and older with special needs. Healthy sibling groups and older children are also in need of forever families. Contact Lianna Mills, Moldova International Coordinator, for more information today!

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