Carolina Adoption Services advocates for orphaned children with special needs in Armenia, Bulgaria, and China. Children with Down syndrome are available through the Waiting Child Photolisting or through a referral from the country. Sign up for the Photolisting to view waiting children with Down syndrome.

Down Syndrome Adoption Overview

Program Specialist: Lianna Mills 

Down Syndrome Information Sheet

Children Available: Available children are 12 months and older at the time of referral. CAS has country programs in Armenia, Bulgaria, and China that offer a special needs track in which children with Down syndrome are available.

Parent Requirements: Parents must be 25 or older for Armenia and Bulgaria, or 30 and older for China. Single women may adopt. Single men may also be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Travel Requirements: Two trips to Armenia and Bulgaria, one trip to China.

More Details: Down Syndrome Adoption with Carolina Adoption Services

About the Children

Carolina Adoption Services partners with adoption professionals in Armenia, Bulgaria, and China to advocate for waiting children who are diagnosed with a variety of special needs. In these countries, many children available for adoption have Down syndrome. Our partners make available the current medical, social, and developmental information in the files of children with special needs for inclusion in the CAS Waiting Child Photolisting. Children with Down syndrome on the photolisting are approximately 12 months and older. Some children may have other related needs, one of the most common being a congenital heart defect.

Down Syndrome Adoption Programs and Process

Armenia, Bulgaria, and China are Hague Convention signatories and require a dossier. Once submitted, the dossier is translated and presented to the central adoption authority which will approve your match. Armenia and Bulgaria require two visits. The first trip consists of a required bonding period; the second visit is to complete the adoption and receive your child’s passport and Visa. Families adopting from China take one trip lasting two weeks. Parents are met at the airport by an in-country representative and are escorted throughout their travel.

Down Syndrome Adoption Resources

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