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Celebrate Moldova! Part II

by Anna Hull

Currently, there are approximately 400 children in Moldova waiting to be adopted. The types of children waiting to be adopted from Moldova vary greatly, just as every child has a unique story to tell. Some Moldovan children are Caucasian with fair complexions, while other children inherited olive skin from their Roma/Gypsy heritage. Generally, children waiting […]

Family Connections October 2017

by Anna Hull

Click here to view our latest Family Connections newsletter! Family Connections October 2017   Highlights: Get ready for the Blue Jeans and Pearls Gala Preparing for Halloween, by CAS Connections blogger, Chandres Pickett Celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month 5 Steps to Researching Special Needs About: Family Connections has recently been reintroduced as a bi-monthly publication for […]

Celebrate Moldova! Part I

by Anna Hull

Located in the beautiful Bessarabia region in Eastern Europe, the Republic of Moldova is a small country about the size of Maryland. Wedged between Ukraine and Romania, its capital is Chişinău (pronounced KEE-she-now), which is located in the central part of the country. Moldovans speak a mixture of Russian and Moldovan (Romanian) and share many […]