Congratulations on taking the first step toward your adoption!  We are happy to help your family grow.

Application Checklist:
The application fee is non-refundable. Prior to completing this application, please ensure that you have reviewed and accept the CAS Client Policies and that you meet the requirements for the placement program you have chosen for your adoption.
If you’re applying for Home Study or Post-Adoption Only services, you must live in NC, SC, or VA.
If you’re applying for Home Study Only services, your home study can be for either domestic or international adoption.
If you’re applying for an Orphan Hosting Safety Check, please use the Safety Check Application form and contact our staff to submit your application and application fee.
Photos: In the following application you will be asked to upload a photo of each parent plus a family photo.  Photos up to 2MB can be uploaded.  If your photos are larger than 2MB, your application will not submit and all answers will be lost.  Please resize large photos before starting your application or email them separately to a CAS staff member, leaving the photo upload section blank.
Checkout: You will be taken to a checkout page to pay the application fee after you fill out and submit your application. All application fees are $150.

Home Study and Placement (International Adoptions)

Home Study and Placement (Domestic Adoptions)


Placement Only  (International Adoptions)

Placement Only  (Domestic Adoptions)


Home Study Only (Domestic or International Adoptions)

Home Study Update (Domestic or International Adoptions)

Post-Adoption Only (Domestic or International Adoptions; Re-Finalization)