If you are a US Citizen residing abroad, you can adopt! Carolina Adoption Services is accepting Americans abroad to adopt from Armenia, Bulgaria, China, Haiti, Mexico, or Uganda. (Our program in South Korea is limited to residents of NC, SC, or VA.)

Our program coordinators have significant experience in working with families living abroad. Please review the FAQ’s below, or contact us, to learn more about how to adopt while residing outside the United States.

Do I have to be a US Citizen?

Yes. Single applicants must be a US Citizen, married couples must have one spouse with US Citizenship, to adopt with Carolina Adoption Services. Our agency provides services to obtain citizenship for an adopted child and immigrate a child through the United States government. Families must work with an adoption service provider that represents their country of citizenship. Dual citizenship is permitted.

Will it cost more to adopt because I live overseas?

Carolina Adoption Services does not charge any additional fees for families living abroad. Some fees, such as your home study, travel expenses, or shipping charges, may vary due to your location.

Will I need to visit the US at any point during the adoption process?

Yes. Families will need to return to the United States after completing their child’s adoption in the placing country before returning home to their country of residence. You must complete the re-adoption or finalization process; we can guide you through this process and help expedite your time spent in the US before returning home.

How will I get a home study?

There are home study providers who cater to Americans living abroad. We often work with Debbie Driessen-Grika at AAPA.

For additional information, please review the US Citizens Adopting Abroad page of the Department of State, Intercountry Adoption website.