Did you know that more girls are adopted internationally than boys?  This is true even though there are more boys in need of adoption in many countries, than girls.  Right now, CAS is seeking parents who want to say YES to a boy on the China shared list!  We continue to see a significant need for families who are interested in adopting boys.  As our staff closely monitors the shared list, we are finding that there are many more little boys than girls being added on a regular basis. Often the boys placed on the shared list have more minor needs than the younger girls who are added. Please keep this in mind as you are working on your home study and dossier!  We encourage all families to have their home study and immigration paperwork approved for a child of either gender- no matter what country you are adopting from.

In addition to China, there is a great need for families interested in adopting boys through South Korea adoption.  Many more girls are adopted domestically in South Korea than boys, leaving more boys who become eligible for international placements.  Our program partner in South Korea is the Social Welfare Society.  The SWS does not permit parents to choose a gender preference.  Virtually all CAS couples will be matched with a boy, such is the greater number of boys available in the SWS program than girls!  Some of our families choose to adopt through the program a second time, and these families may request a little sister for their older brother already at home!

Each little boy in the China and South Korea programs is waiting for a family to say YES to trains and trucks rather than bows and ballerina slippers.  If you are interested in finding the little boy meant for your family, please contact us today!

Want to take a look at the statistics?  Check out the Department of State Intercountry Adoption website.