Children who age out of the orphanage system often enter the larger community without the necessary skills to provide for themselves. These youths face difficult struggles to find a job, go to school, and be independent.

In 2000 CAS created an orphan sponsorship program in Moldova to help the children facing a future without the support of a family. The Moldova Student Sponsorship Program provides financial support to young adults so they can live on their own and attend university or vocational school. Sponsors provide financial support to pay for basic living expenses while the student is enrolled in school. The support these students receive is more than financial. They receive encouragement knowing someone believes in them!

For $66.67 per month ($800 annually), you can provide food, clothing, transportation, shelter and educational materials. Payment may be made annually or semi-annually. Your donation is fully tax deductible and greatly appreciated by these young men and women. The sponsorship program is eligible for matching gift programs offered by many employers.

The life-changing impact of sponsorship cannot be emphasized enough—it gives these deserving students hope and a sense of worth and an opportunity to succeed.

Students in the program prepare a newsletter about their activities and communicate directly with their sponsors. Two professionals are employed in Moldova to facilitate this program. Students gather quarterly to build relationships and help one another.

Moldova Sponsorship Program Newsletter 9/16

Moldova Sponsorship Program Newsletter 6/16

Moldova Sponsorship Program Newsletter 3/16

Moldova Sponsorship Program Newsletter 12/15

Moldova Sponsorship Program Newsletter 9/15

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Moldova Sponsorship Program Newsletter 3/15

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Moldova Sponsorship Program Newsletter 3/13

“The college years were very difficult for me, but this program support eased the burden. To be sincere, each time I came at the meeting, I went back encouraged and motivated that my dreams won’t remain just dreams, but will become true and I will attain my aims. I understood that the achievement of goals doesn’t depend so much on our abilities, but more on our perseverance.

Moreover, each letter received from my sponsor gladdened me and inspired strength and confidence.

Now, one of my biggest desires is to show and prove that the investment made by the program in me is not in vain. I want and hope that one day I’ll be able to support someone as others did it for me.

Thank you all most sincerely!”



“I was always glad to be part of this project due to which I was able to make new friends and also meet again my school mates. Thank you so much for the support you have offered to me. I’m very glad that I was able to do what I love most of all; I studied at university, but mainly I’m happy that I’ve become a Taekwondo coach and I teach children this martial art living a healthy life. I’m very glad to collect the successful results of the university years that I’d like to share with everybody. Wishing you a future full of great achievements, and no matter what the obstacles of your life are, do not get discouraged. On the contrary, to keep going ahead is the key of success.”



Can’t sponsor a student but would like to help? Donations in any amount are appreciated and used to help cover special student events or to assist in sponsoring a student.

For more information about sponsoring a student contact Marcy McHenry.


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