As an agency with partners and friends residing in Haiti, along with numerous adoptive families with Haitian children, the news of the terrible devastation from Hurricane Matthew brings considerable sadness. The toll from the storm has just begun to sink in among the Haitian people and relief organizations from around the world.

CAS was in contact with our in-country representatives as much as possible before and after the storm impacted the island last week. Residing in Port-au-Prince, their area received strong winds, heavy rains, and considerable flooding but areas more towards the Western end of the island fared even worse as the storm crossed directly overhead.

IBESR, the central adoption authority in Haiti, has sent out a request for donations for the various crèches (orphanages) across the country. They will use the donations to purchase items such as mattresses, first aid supplies, sanitary kits, food, and blankets.  Many of our families have expressed an interest in sending help, so we will be collecting donations to send directly to Haiti for relief efforts for crèches. If you would like to contribute, please donate online and specify “Haiti” in the gift details box. You may also mail a check or call in with your gift.

Thank you!

Contribute to Haitian Storm Relief Efforts