Allie Smith is a regular visitor to Uganda, where she promotes Orphan Care initiatives, advocates for vulnerable children, and networks with several nonprofits providing care for children in need.

For the first time, she has had the opportunity to expand her work in to the nearby country of Burundi. For three weeks in September, Allie traveled to Uganda and Burundi as part of her work developing and expanding African initiatives with Carolina Adoption Services.

In Uganda, Allie visited with each of the baby homes that partner with CAS. Through the Orphan Care fund and in-kind giving, we supplied a range of household supplies, school supplies, clothing, food, and other staples to each baby home.

Through Orphan Care, we were also able to fulfill a request by Peace Transitional Home, supplying two goats for them to keep on the property. The goats will provide milk for the children to drink. Peace Transitional has a broader agricultural development plan, which you can learn more about on our blog and lend your donations towards the project.

While in-country, Allie checked in with families who are in Uganda for various stages of their adoption process. We have families who are now following the revised guidelines for adoption, put in place in June 2016. Those families have begun a one-year fostering period and are enjoying periodic visits with their children prior to their upcoming finalizations.

Allie arrived in Burundi to an enthusiastic welcome. Her visit was notable to child advocates seeking to expand opportunities to partner with international nonprofits.

Allie was joined on her trip by a reporter who produced a segment for local radio about her visit. She was also invited to meet with top officials working to address the needs of the country’s orphaned children.

Allie participated in an orphanage tour, meeting many of the children and caregivers. Thanks to the support of CAS donors, Allie was able to provide much-needed goods to the orphanage. She also toured a school and supplied donations including schoolbooks and school supplies.

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