“Through the miracle of adoption we chose to add to our family.  We are so very grateful for the wonderful staff of CAS for their attention to detail and help they provided during this journey.  We have been blessed with the addition of two wonderful daughters from Bulgaria.  We could not have asked for a smoother process to bring them home.  The journey is long but so worth it in the end.”
-Brian & Trish

dawn testimonial

“Working with CAS has changed our lives – enabling us to adopt the most perfect and wonderful boy.  It was a long road to get there, with two country changes and many complications that left us tired and discouraged.  But the team was always there to help us move forward, stay positive, and figure things out.  We are so grateful to CAS and can’t wait to return to China again soon.”


jennifer testimonial

“We have been so happy with our experience with Carolina Adoption Services.  Given that international adoption is such a long process, CAS helped alleviate so much anxiety and nervousness by always keeping us updated on any new information and being prompt in their responses to questions that arose.  That’s a gift that we will always be thankful for and will look back on our “paperwork” side of our adoption as a positive experience.  Thank you, CAS!”


“While working with an out-of-state placement agency for our first adoption, we chose CAS to complete our home study and post-placement reports.  We appreciated the personal contact that we had with many staff members and their organized and professional approach throughout what became a long and complicated process.  The agency in general and Marie Givner in particular have been valuable resources in the years since that first adoption and as we thought about our options for a second child.  Marie has always been available to answer even the most convoluted questions in a timely and supportive manner.  We are happy to be working with CAS again as we complete our second home study and wait for placement in our second adoption.”

Beth R Family
“Thanks to CAS, we were able to become a family. CAS is dedicated to improving children’s lives by carefully matching them with their forever families. We experienced this firsthand when we completed our first adoption in 2005, and were so pleased that we chose them again in 2012 to bring home our second child. When we chose CAS, we chose an agency who’s first priority is the children, exactly as it should be.  We are very blessed to have our daughters in our lives and are thankful for CAS helping make our dreams of a family come true.”

“Out of all the agencies we could have chosen, we chose Carolina Adoption Services for their commitment and dedication to families wishing to start the adoption journey. Partnering with a small agency like CAS, allowed us to receive more personalized attention and helped us to develop a close relationship with our program coordinator. We were able to discuss our hopes, dreams, worries, and concerns throughout the process to people who truly care about you and your future family! We have Carolina Adoption Services to thank for helping us to bring our little girl home!”

Guy and Mihae


“Adopting from South Korea required an immense expenditure of time, money, and emotion.  Having our son with us now only makes us value those investments all the more.  Through it all, and beyond, CAS has been there to guide, assist, and inspire us along the way.  We could not have been more perfectly matched with Daniel.”


“Though we went through many ups and downs in our adoption journey, we cannot thank the staff enough, particularly Allie Hamel, for their patient persistence in getting us through the process and getting our daughter Lili into our arms. We could not have done this without them, and we appreciated all the personal attention we received along every step of the way to creating our family.”

Jen R Family


“International adoption is not for the faint of heart”…is something I heard time and time again while making those important early decisions around adopting our daughter from China.  While this could not be more true, one of the best decisions we made was to partner with CAS to provide our home study throughout our 2-year China adoption journey.  Marie Givner has such a unique skill set and robust experience in adoption.  She truly helped our family navigate through the many details, deadlines and specific requirements – what is now fondly remembered as “the paper chase”.  Heather Gordon was a valuable asset to us and now it is a pleasure working with Anna Hull on post placement phases.  Adopting our daughter was by far the most important, intense and exciting experience of our lives and I’m so glad we relied on the great people at CAS.”

kim p Bulgaria


My adoption story is a long one, but I have to say I understand the true meaning of “everything comes to those who wait”.  I grew up in a big family.  My Dad had two jobs, so Mom stayed home and raised us.  Now, our family is even bigger with lots of nieces and nephews as all my siblings got married and had children.  When I passed the child bearing years,  I was intrigued by the adoption process.   This process is a long and hard one! You must have A LOT of patience, and the right agency.  I started with Carolina Adoption Services, and finally completed my adoption this year from Bulgaria.  I have to say everyone at Carolina Adoption Services was a pleasure to work with.  They are patient, supportive, kind and knowledgeable.   I now have a BEAUTIFUL  little 3 1/2 year old daughter which was LOVE at first sight!  I can’t imagine my life without her now! Mom always said God has a plan for you!  Thanks to the great work at Carolina Adoption Services, my dream of being a Mother has come true!!! Thank you Carolina Adoption Services!


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