Carolina Adoption Services (CAS) is fully licensed and accredited to provide adoption home study services in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.  We have an experienced and knowledgeable home study services team in our offices as well as many social workers across each of our accredited states.

Families living in other states who are seeking an adoptive placement through CAS will need to work with a licensed agency in their state. Our staff will be happy to assist you in locating a qualified home study provider in your state. It is best to contract with a home study provider that is Hague accredited. A list of Hague-accredited agencies nationwide has been made available by the US Department of State ( Click here)

Is a home study required?

A home study is required anytime an individual or family plans to adopt a child either internationally or domestically. The home study must meet the requirements of the state in which the family resides and, in international adoption cases, must also meet the requirements of US Citizenship and Immigration Services and the U.S. Department of State.

What can I expect during my home study?

While the home study is an evaluative process to determine a family’s appropriateness and readiness for adoption, it is also an enriching process. The home study provides opportunities for families to meet with an experienced, professional social worker and to carefully explore the issues of adoptive parenthood. This is a chance to examine the choices prospective adoptive families must consider relating to issues such as country choice, the age of the child, medical issues, and more. CAS will work with each family to explore their strengths, limitations and personal resources to ensure that adoption is in the best interests of both the child and the family.

CAS believes that preparation is critical to a successful adoption and to long-term adoptive parenting. The agency will provide educational services to families in our program. Adoption is a lifelong process and CAS will work to ensure that every family is prepared and supported as they begin the adoption journey.

What is included in the home study?

As part of the home study process, prospective adoptive parents will provide documentation such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, health certification, and criminal background checks. Personal, family, and employment references will also be gathered. Families will be provided with a complete list of all required documentation once the home study process begins. The home study typically consists of 4-6 interviews with the family, including an individual interview with each applicant. At least one interview must take place in the family’s home.

Home Study Information Sheet

Home Study Webinar Recording

To learn more about CAS home study services, please contact the CAS Family Services Supervisor, Anna Hull.