Written by: Phyllis Stephenson, Executive Director

Adoption is a wonderful call to the heart and life of families.  This journey includes many steps to prepare your family to welcome a child home.  This process that is driven by love and commitment must be navigated by adherence to the legalities and requirements of the adoption process.

As your family engages in this journey of adoption, whether domestic or international, the professional team at Carolina and ABC Adoption Services are prepared to walk with you.  This team will provide expertise, resources and a heart dedicated to families and adoption.  Our agency has worked with families to grow through adoption for more than 26 years and our current team has more than 100 years of combined experience. We have been part of more than 5000 homecoming celebrations.

Our experts are equipped to support your adoption journey. The CAS ABC social workers partner with you in your home community, the office team provides oversight and support all in adherence to the policies that have oversight by our amazing board of directors.

It is our honor and privilege to join with families in the adoption journey.  Our goal is to support the unique needs of each family, child and unique adoption needs.  Our walk with you will bring the expertise to navigate the adoption process but equally important, it brings an intense heartfelt dedication to the life changing impact of adoption.  The adoption journey is not easy, but your dedicated team at CAS ABC will be there to support you from application, through the wait, to welcome home and for the life long journey of your family.