June 2 Update: Carolina Adoption Services continues to see positive movement with adoptions from Russia. Families have attended court and finalized their adoptions. Now is a good time to adopt from Russia, you will benefit from the proactive measures that both countries are taking. For more information about adopting from Russia view our information page or visit the U.S. State Departments page on Russian Adoptions.

May 14 Update: After 3 days of positive and productive talks, both sides have agreed on a common goal of increasing safeguards for adoption between Russia and the United States. Both teams are working toward processes to better protect the children and adoptive families. The teams will meet again in June to go over the agreement draft.

May 3 Update: The talks went well on April 29 & 30, 2010. The U.S. Department of State and Russian authorities are meeting again on May 12, to continue negotiations. Some regions are reporting a slow down, while others are processing adoptions normally.

As a result of a 7 year old child adopted from Russia, being returned to Russia by his adoptive mother, there has been a great deal of turmoil and speculation regarding the suspension of adoptions from Russia by American parents. The American Embassy in Moscow is continuing to process visa applications for Russian children adopted by US citizens. We have had one family successfully complete their first court hearing since the turmoil began. The latest information that we have available indicates that Russian adoptions continue to proceed. The U.S. State Department issued a statement supporting the continuation of adoptions and plans on meeting with Russian officials April 29-30, 2010. Some regions in Russia, however, are delaying court hearings.

CAS will have more information on Russian adoptions as soon as the meetings are complete. Until then we encourage families interested in adopting from Russia to continue to do research and watch our webinar on The Joys of Adopting from Russia. Contact Tania Griasnow, Russia program coordinator, with any questions or concerns.