Written by Deann Borkowski, Carolina & ABC Adoption Services Clinical Director


As the Clinical Director of Carolina Adoption Services, I wanted to share with you my excitement for how our whole team will support your family, from the first “hello” when you call inquiring about adoption throughout completing your child’s post-adoption visits and beyond. We are always here and happy to help, on every step of your adoption journey, as our agency staff and our Social Workers are committed to bringing children home to their forever families.  We have a vision to create opportunities for every child to grow and develop in a loving, caring, and safe environment.

Personally, I have been working in domestic and international home studies for over ten years.  Therefore, I do understand how overwhelming the process can be for a family, particularly if it is your first adoption.  As a team at Carolina Adoption Services, we believe that ongoing communication with our families is essential to build a relationship and trust in us throughout your adoption journey.  We recognize that you are investing your time, your finances, as well as your physical and emotional energy in us as an agency.  We are honored with every family who chooses us and we value your choice to consider partnering with Carolina Adoption Services.

If you decide to work with us as an agency, our team will guide you during each step of the process.  As the Clinical Director, I oversee our Family Services Team, which includes Anna Hull and Cindi Rager.  Upon submitting your pre-application, I as the Clinical Director will review your pre-application and be in contact you about the next steps in the process, pending your family’s approval.  After a pre-application approval, your family is assigned to Cindi Rager, our Family Support Administration Specialist.  She assists each family as they gather documents needed for the home study process. Cindi is invaluable, as she is patient, thorough, and detail-oriented.  She provides regular phone calls to your family and she is always available for clarification on the process by phone or email.  Anna Hull is our Family Services Supervisor.  She oversees our Post Adoption department and provides an administrative review of all home studies and home study updates. On our Family Services team, I supervise Anna, as we oversee a family’s home study process. Anna is hard working, dedicated, and extremely knowledgeable.

As the Clinical Director, I am on phone and email contact with each family when their file is complete and ready for a Social Worker to be assigned.  I review each family’s file to ensure it is complete prior to assigning a Social Worker. As the Clinical Director, I assign Social Workers; provide clinical support and community resources to families, as well as supervision to Social Workers. I complete the clinical review and revision of all home studies, in conjunction with our Social Workers throughout Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

We have a network of over thirty Social Workers, throughout the three states, who are local to families and who are highly skilled in trauma, attachment, loss, grief, sibling concerns, older child issues, as well as international and domestic adoption.  As a leadership team at Carolina Adoption Services, we provide quarterly training to our Social Workers and require ongoing adoption training. As a Clinical Director, I am always available to the Social Workers to answer their questions, as I understand the importance of their direct service with the adoptive parents and children, with whom they interact.

When a family receives a referral, we strive to provide “child specific training,” to prepare you for the medical, educational, social, and emotional needs of your specific child, including the resources you will need. When you come home with your child, there may be some unexpected challenges, where you need assistance.  We are here to help!  As a team, we will support you from the common problems of sleep challenges to more complicated situations.  We can offer individualized training and counseling sessions in post-adoption or following post-adoption, if needed. We will continue to connect you with local resources as well to guide your family.

We work as a team to support you throughout your home study, as you gather your documents, as you complete your home study, during your waiting period, as you prepare for travel, and when your child arrives home. In closing, please know that at Carolina Adoption Services you have a team of experts, including adoptees on staff, our Social Workers, our Family Services Team, our International Program Coordinators, and our leadership team of Angela Jackson and Phyllis Stephenson, who are all committed to providing you with exceptional supports on every step of your adoption journey.