Carolina Adoption Services is happy to provide families in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia, with post-adoption services and support throughout your period of supervision and beyond!  Once you have welcomed your child in to your family, we are available to help you fulfill your reporting requirements, assist you with finalization/ re-adoption, and most importantly provide you support and resources for every stage of your post-placement as a family.

After the anticipation, joy, and waiting of your adoption pre-placement experience, coming home with your child can feel like the end of a long journey.  In fact, it is just the close of the first chapter of your life together as a family!  Now that you are home, CAS can help you with a variety of post-adoption services.

Post-Adoption Services

Post-adoption begins as soon as possible following your arrival home, and often continues for several years after your child has joined your family. Of course, even if your official requirements are complete, Carolina Adoption Services is always available to provide you with ongoing adoptive family support!

A social worker will follow up with you at regular intervals to make sure you are adjusting well and have the support and resources that you need.  Often, if Carolina Adoption Services completed your home study you will continue to work with the same assigned social worker for your post-adoption services.  Some reports are compiled by your social worker while others are family-generated.  The post-adoption schedule varies depending on the placing agency, state, and/or birth country’s requirements.

Your contact for Post-Adoption Services:  Anna Hull, Post-Adoption Coordinator

Post-adoption Terms:

Post-Adoption: a period of time after an international adoption has been finalized in a foreign country and the adoptive family is still providing reports to that country.

Post-Placement: a period of time after the child has been placed with the adoptive parents until the adoption has been finalized in a U.S. court. Refers to domestic adoptions or international adoptions where the child came home under a guardianship (ex: Uganda).

Finalization: when a domestic adoption or international guardianship case is completed in a U.S. court.

Re-Finalization/Re-Adoption/Domestication: when an international adoption has been finalized in a foreign country but the adoptive parents choose to “re-adopt” the child in their local court in the U.S. This can be done to provide a state issued birth certificate, a name change for the child, American citizenship, and insure the inheritance rights of the child.

Apply for Post-Adoption Services

If Carolina Adoption Services is assisting you with your home study, you will contract with us for your post-adoption reporting during your home study, and we will be ready to assist you as soon as you arrive home!  If CAS is not your placing agency, please notify us when you receive your referral and when you receive your expected travel dates! 

On some occasions, you may be in need of post-adoption services only.  Click here to go to our application page and select Post Adoption Only, to begin your application now.  (NC, SC, and VA families only).