The Mexico program is open to families pursuing a relative adoption.

Mexico Adoption

Program Coordinator: Angela Jackson

Mexico Adoption Parent Requirements: Parent requirements vary state by state throughout Mexico. Generally speaking, eligible parents are 25 to 60 years old and married. Some states do not accept adoption applications from single parents; others do.

Typical Mexico Adoption Timeline: Timelines and process vary from Mexican state to Mexican state, but parents can expect in most situations to commit to an in-country stay of 1 to 3 months.

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State and Federal Considerations: How Mexico Oversees International Adoption

The central authority for Mexico adoptions under the Hague convention is comprised of two federal entities: the Secretary of Exterior Relations (SRE), which issues key Hague documents, and the National System for the Full Development of the Family (DIF), which implements national policy for intercountry adoptions.

Both of these entities are based in Mexico City. Adoptions also involve one of the 31 state DIF offices and a regional DIF office. These offices play an important role in intercountry adoptions and assignments of referrals to approved families. Each state office may have its own requirements regarding parental eligibility and length of in-country stay for adoptive parents to complete an adoption.

Mexico Adoption Process

Once an adoptive family’s dossier has been sent to Mexico, it is received by the Secretary of Exterior Relations where it is registered and assigned a Hague number. The dossier is then sent to the national DIF office where it is examined to make sure it meets national standards for international adoption. Once approved by the national office, the state DIF office must evaluate and approve the dossier.